Charity Organisations we support

Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS)

Red Cross Society is a special corporation established under the Japanese Red Cross Law of 1952.
The society mobilizes biggest resources in this emergency phase. Though numerous challenges have occurred one after another since March 11, they do all what they can contribute for victims. 


Ashinaga, named for the 1912 American novel Daddy-Long-Legs, is a nonprofit organization based in Tokyo, Japan, which for over 40 years has been providing education-focused financial and emotional support to children who have a parent/guardian with a serious disability, or who have lost one or both parents/guardians due to illness, accident, disaster, or suicide. Each year Ashinaga provides financial support to more than 6,000 students in need; total academic loans and scholarships disbursed exceed US$22 million annually.

Central Community Chest of Japan 

The Central Community Chest of Japan(CCCJ)'s National Office is located in the capital city of Tokyo.
CCCJ is managed by a voluntary Board of Directors with Juro Saito as the Chairman.
CCCJ acts as a national coordinating body for local Community Chests. Local affiliate offices are managed by individual and autonomous Board of Directors. Each of the 47 prefectural Community Chests have set up district offices in large cities and branch offices in smaller municipalities within the prefecture to act as implementing bodies for the movement. District and branch offices nationwide, implement fundraising activities, organize and train volunteers, conduct public relations, and survey the financial needs providing welfare services.

The 100% of profits raised via Sing for Japan Charity Concerts will be distributed to the three organisations above. However, if you wish, you can also contribute directly through their websites.

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